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    The ZNOSKO women's clothing brand first appeared in 2016. Thanks to its premium quality, affordable prices, and modern minimalist aesthetic that is always trendy, the brand quickly became popular with Moscow fashionistas.

    ZNOSKO clothes are the choice for those who prefer unconventional looks. The heroine of the brand is the modern girl who cherishes her freedom. She is elegant and organized, able to favorably present her dignity, and she chooses things that highlight her natural beauty.

    All models are developed and produced in Moscow, with quality control at all stages. The clothing is made with premium Italian fabrics and fittings.

    The brand's signature outerwear line is sewn from carefully selected woolen fabrics, which have a dense texture that is thoroughly enjoyable for those who value the quality of first-rate materials.

    Olga Znosko, the founder and designer of the brand, graduated with honors from MSUDT, one of Moscow's best universities for design. At the graduation show, her collection won 2nd place among her fellow students. For several years, Olga worked for international brands of clothing, where she gained invaluable knowledge and experience.

    In 2016, Olga decided to make her long-held dream come true, and created her own brand of clothing. Since then, that company that started as a family business has become a close-knit team of passionate professionals.